How do I make a return?

  1. You can choose the needed pieces to be returned and submit the return request through your account from the "My Orders" page.
  2.  Complete your request on your My Orders page , choose the related  order number, the related  items you would like to return and make sure your personel information is up to date.
  3.  In order to speed up the process you can drop your package the  nearest Aramex  Office.  Prepare the product/s you want to return. Packages should be closed properly to avoid any harm on transportation.
  4. Once you have completed the above steps, Aramex will pick up your package in your address within 3 business days.  You can hand over your return to the courier. The related costs regarding your return will be paid by LCW.
  5.  You can track your return with the return tracking number on the Aramex web site that can be also seen on your My orders page within selected orders.
  6.  Your invoice is sending to your E-Mail. If you still want to download your invoice please follow the below steps:
  • Log in to your profile
  • Click on My Orders
  • Select The Order You Want To Get Its Invoice
  • Click on E-Archive Invoice       
        7.The customer receives a copy of the shipment return application to track it more easily on their account. You can check return tracking number on your account and follow your package. In order to check it ;
  •  Log in to your profile
  • Click on My Orders
  • Select the order you created return request
        8. It is possible to order online and return it at any LCW store.

Stores Return Policy : 
  1. Max number of items Returned/Refunded in stores is 10 Items/pieces.
  2. If you need to return more than 10 items in once,please follow online return option that described in above . If you still want to use store return please choose separate days to process your returns
  3. It’s allowed to return/refund any discounted products through the stores.
  4. The store will refund the net item amount "After a discount" or offer is applied.
  5. We can’t refund in stores for LC Waikiki products bought from another website or marketplace, you can return or refund those products through those websites.
  6. No Returns/refunds for any defective items or missing sets in stores, return should be done through your account and creating online return
  7. Orders with partial payment of LC Money + cash can be normally refunded in cash in stores.
  8. Refunds for products or orders shall be made by the same method of payment; If the order was paid by a credit card or debit card, the amount will be refunded in the same way.

Return Deadline
  1.   You have 30 days to create your return request upon delivery. And the items should be given to the Cargo max 15 days.
  2.   The return requests that made after 30 days upon delivery will not be accepted.

Return Conditions
  1.  Item should be in original status.
  2.  Return request should be created within 30 days upon delivery
  3.  Please note that we do not accept returns of "non-returnable" items. For more information, click here.
  4.  Item package should be preserved.
  5.  Item should be not used, without any damage and with its label.
Non-Refundable Products

As LCW, we do not accept hygene products that came with secure band.